1) Drafting legislation for the amendment of specific regulations for persons records, marital status and identity documents;

2) Enhancing the coordination of public community services for persons records;

3) Establishment of pilot information system platform to issue electronic identity card;

4) Framework for inter-institutional collaboration in the tasks arising from the Government Decision no. 1540/2008 for approving the National Strategy for accession to the Schengen area for the period 2008-2011;

5) Extension of the IT system for issuing the certificate of criminal record in other places than the county seat cities;

6) Providing access to databases for MAI structures and diplomatic / consular offices from abroad;

7) Provide authorized support in reference to the settlement of claims for transcription of the of civil status certificates from abroad in Romanian civil status registers ;

8) Monitoring of the implementation of regulations to be laid down minimum standards for cost / quality for public community services for persons records;

9) Expansion of cooperation with similar institutions of other countries in civil status, persons registration and personal data protection, according to European rules;

10) Realization of continuous training activities, professional / related areas, for subordinated/coordinated personnel;

11) Rethinking the concept of issuing identity documents, passports and driving licenses in a “single desk”;

12) Identify organizational solutions on staff detached from MAI to public community services for persons records.