Directorate for Persons Record and Databases Management functions as the operative structure of the Ministry of Administration and Interior, with powers to:

1) Organizes, coordinates and follows up the implementation of the legal provisions in the field of person record, civil status and administrative change in the person's names;

2) Draw up rules and methodologies used by the public community services for persons records;

3) Update, use and process National Register of persons records, which contains the personal dates and addresses of all Romanian citizens, holders of images and identity cards;

4) Supplies, according to the law, personal data, required by the authorities and public institutions, businesses and other legal entities for carrying out activities of general interest covered by legal acts;

5) Solves applications for Romanian citizens who have established residence abroad prior to the year 1989, or their legal representatives, on the communication of the personal data from register of persons records;

6) Establishes the characteristics and security features of identity cards and voter cards;

7) Carries out the National Information System for Persons Records;

8) has the responsibility to implement the regulations on confidentiality and data protection on the person;

9) Ensures equipping of public community services for persons records with record books and certificates of civil status and the material required for the production of identity cards and voter cards;

10) Collaborates with other bodies of the central public administration for the establishment of permanent registers, according to the provisions of the law;

11) Participate at the training of the personnel from public community services for persons records;

12) Receives requests to purchase and delivery of the certificates of civil status at the request of foreign citizens whose acts and deeds of civil status occurred and were registered in Romania, as well as at the request of the Romanian citizens with domicile or residence abroad.